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Article outlines steps used to connect to the CI and Eduroam networks on devices running Android 11.
IT Solution Center Hours of Operation
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This article contains some quick reference links and video guides for setting up and using Duo 2-factor-authentication.
This article instructs users on how to configure DUO mobile on new devices if using the same phone number.
What is a Duo Key Fob or Hardware Token?
Instructions for disabling
Guide for releasing emails from Exchange Online Protection quarantine
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Description and instructions for use of the device Meeting Owl.
Using a Web Browser to access CSUCI's virtual labs and desktops.
Overview of the features and functionality in the myCI portal
Guide for common Cisco phone and voicemail features
Process to self-register into Duo two-factor authentication.
How CSUCI guests can get help with technology issues
Access your PC from your VDI session, Caching Network Credentials, Change Display Settings & Pin Network Drives.
Access your Mac from your VDI session, Cache your Network Credentials, Change Screen Resolution, Pin Network Drives & Emulate Right Click on a Mac.
Using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access CSUCI's virtual labs and desktops.
Information about the myCI portal