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Content management is the practice of creating and publishing web page content, including text, images, links, and tables. Traditionally, this has been done with web design software (such as Adobe Dreamweaver), with blogging tools (such as Wordpress or Blogger), or by coding HTML directly to build web pages.

The traditional approach to web content management may work acceptably for small web sites but presents challenges when dealing with maintenance of large, diverse web sites with numerous editors.

For managing the web content on its primary web site,, CSU Channel Islands uses EchoCI, powered by OmniUpdate, as its primary web content management system.

Available to

Campus organizations. Use of EchoCI is available for all web sites whose content resides on Other departments, programs and areas may contact the Web Services team to determine if their web content can be managed through EchoCI.


  • EchoCI enables owners of CI web content to simplify web content creation, management and re-use.
  • EchoCI uses a template-based system to separate web content from web page presentation, making it easy to reuse content.
  • EchoCI provides tools to check and repair web accessibility issues to ensure Section 508 and WCAG compliance.


Before you receive your access authorization for EchoCI, you must successfully complete a echoCI training workshop, which covers how to use EchoCI to create web pages that comply with CSU web page accessibility requirements. Once both of these workshops has been successfully completed, your supervisor should submit a written request on your behalf to the Help Desk to request access to your organization's content in EchoCI.

Getting Started

Use the "Request Service" button on this page to sign up for the next echoCI training workshop.

Review the EchoCI training guides here

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