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The University provides voicemail boxes and support for voicemail boxes that are associated with campus extensions. There is a one time cost of $40 to set up a voicemail box and it is not included in the initial setup of a phone or extension. Support is provided for issues with voicemail boxes such as changing the assigned user, unlocking a pin or other issues that may occur.

Available to

Faculty and Staff


  • In-house voicemail system connected to campus directory.
  • In-house support for the voicemail system


  1. A new voicemail box requires the end user to fill out the phone order form with the appropriate information. This can be ordered with a new extension or ordered to add voicemail to a currently existing extension.

  2. The approximate time to configure a new voicemail is 2 business days. (This may vary if it is bundled with an order for a new phone and/or extension)

  3. To resolve an issue with a voicemail box please submit a work order with the extension associated with the voicemail and a brief description of the issue. (Note: To allow access to a voicemail that previously belonged to a different user approval will be required from Human Resources)

Getting Started

  1. To request a new voicemail box please use "Request Service" button on this page

  2. Read the Phone and Voicemail Quickstart Guide for instructions on how to use voicemail

  3. For an issue with a voicemail box please report your telephone issue using this link


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