go.csuci.edu Short URL Service


The go.csuci.edu short URL service creates a web site URL shortcut for a long URL. So instead of a long URL (such as http://www.csuci.edu/students/studentrecruitment/index.htm) you can create a shortcut to that address using the go.csuci.edu domain (for example: http://go.csuci.edu/recruitment/

Available to

Faculty, staff and campus organizations


  • Shortcut URLs created at http://go.csuci.edu/SHORTCUTNAME
  • Complete list of URL shortcuts and their destinations.
  • Manage the destination URL for all of your short URL requests. 

Getting Started

Login to Short URL

  1. Go to http://go.csuci.edu/login and login using your myCI credentials
  2. Click "Create New" link
  3. In the "Short URL" field, enter what you'd like the shortened link to be (e.g.: directions, biology, etc.) Only use lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens in your short URL.
  4. Next, in the "Destination URL" field, paste the URL of the site you'd like to link to
  5. Click "Submit"
  6. Your request will then be submitted for approval and you'll receive an email notifying you that the request was submitted successfully.

Need more help?

Visit the go.csuci.edu Short URL service frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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