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Docusign is a web-based electronic signature and digital transaction management system that can be used to replace manual, paper-based signatures, transactions and processes. This service will provide assistance in moving an existing Word document, PDF file or other form into Docusign. 

Available to

Faculty, Staff, CSUCI organizations


A Docusign form or template enables you to:

  • Import images, Word documents, PDFs and scanned documents for electronic signing
  • Sign documents in your web browser, without installing additional software
  • Drag and drop to place signature and other data fields on imported files
  • Assign signing to multiple individuals, and set signing order
  • Send signing notifications via email 
  • Meet ICSUAM 8100 digital signature guidelines and provides digital equivalent of a wet signature.


A myCI login is required to create and manage forms, templates and to send Docusign envelopes to other users. 

Certain forms and approval processes may not work efficiently in Docusign (e.g, forms which require complex calculations, or forms with complex or conditional routing/approval requirements). You can use this service to have an ITS team member help you evaluate whether your form is a good candidate for routing and signature in Docusign, or whether an alternative solution is appropriate. 

There are two primary roles within DocuSign:

  • Sender: The Sender role allows users to create, send, and manage digital envelopes and documents. This role is reserved for CSUCI faculty, staff and departments, and will be assigned to you once creation of the form/template has been completed. 
  • Signer: The Signer role allows users to review, complete, and electronically sign documents that are sent in a digital envelope. All CSUCI faculty and staff have the Signer role.

Getting Started

  1. Watch and read the four Docusign tutorials on preparing forms, signing forms, checking form status, and correcting forms to familiarize yourself with the role of Docusign signer. 
  2. Determine what your average monthly (and annual) submission volume is for your form and existing process. 
  3. Obtain an electronic copy of your existing form (Word, PDF or scan of your existing paper form); you will need to attach this to your service request. 
  4. Use the "Request Service" button on this page to request this service. A member of the ITS team will contact you to discuss your request and schedule a review of your form, form volume and existing signing process. 
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