Dropbox@CI Access for Student Assistants


Dropbox@CI (powered by Dropbox Business) is CI's cloud-based file storage system. Dropbox@CI will enhance the security of our file storage; improve our internal and external collaboration; help to simplify the way we access files while working remotely or traveling; and replace our existing personal H drive (Homeshare) infrastructure.

Available to

Dropbox@CI is available to faculty, staff, and student assistants (by request).


Many of you may already be using Dropbox personally or at home, and some may be using it for work. 

With Dropbox@CI, all faculty and staff can:    

  • store files on your local computer, and have them automatically sync/backup to the Dropbox cloud
  • store nearly unlimited files online 
  • access to your work files remotely without VPN
  • share and collaborate on files easily
  • access Dropbox@CI team folders (Duo two-factor authentication (2FA) is required)
  • recover deleted files and restore previous versions


Dropbox requires login through myCI

Manager approval

Getting Started

  1. Use the "Request Service" button on this page to request creation of a Dropbox@CI Account
  2. Review Dropbox@CI Resources
  3. Review Dropbox@CI Security Policies


Request Service


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