Request New Mobile Hot Spot


Mobile hotspot to be used by faculty and staff who may not have sufficient internet access while working remotely.  

Available to

Faculty and staff


This service is only available to Faculty and Staff for work related purposes. Please note all requesters will be required to provide accounting string for chargeback to their department. Account Number, Fund, and Department Number are required fields on the request form.

Listed below are the requester's options:


  • AT&T Wireless
    • One-time Hardware cost 
    • Monthly service fee , no contract, all month to month
  • Verizon Wireless provided Hot Spot Units
    • Hardware cost 
    • Monthly service plan and includes a 6 month commitment
    • Unlimited Mobile Broadband (includes up to 25GB of 4G LTE data speed with reduced speed afterward) 

Getting Started

Use the "Request Service" button on this page to request a new mobile hot spot. 

Need Help?

Questions? Contact the Shared Service Solution Center at Phone: 805-437-8552 

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