Update a submitted project request

Once you’ve submitted a project request, you can no longer update the project details (such as name, description, start date, and go-live date) directly. However, you can add comments to the project Feed. Use the following instructions to view your project requests.

To view status of all of your project requests, click the button below:

View status of your request
(or, click the "Services" link, then click "Project Requests")

You will now see a list of all of your project requests, including name of the assigned T&C reviewer. Status is shown in the "Status" column. 

You can further click any project request in the "Request" column to view further detail about the project request. Use the scroll bar until you see the section titled "Feed". Select Comment button, select the names of your recipients (optional if you want to also send an email), enter your comments, and select Save button.


Need further assistance? Contact Melissa Bergem, T&C Project Coordinator, at melissa.bergem@csuci.edu or call 805-437-3557. 



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