How do I Connect to VPN Using Duo?

When accessing university systems and services using CSUCI's Global Protect VPN client, you will be required to authenticate using Duo two-factor authentication (2FA) just as you would when accessing systems and services through myCI. 

Authenticating with Duo and Global Protect VPN

After you launch the GlobalProtect VPN Client, you will be prompted by one the following Sign In screens.



  1. Enter your myCI Dolphin Name in the Username field.
  2. Authenticating with Duo:
    • If you are authenticating using a Duo passcode from your token or mobile app:
      • Enter your Dolphin Password in the Password field, followed by a comma then your passcode (i.e. password,123456)
      • Click Sign In
    • If you are authenticating using Duo Push from the mobile app:
      • Enter your Dolphin Password in the Password field
      • Click Sign In
      • You should receive your Duo Push authentication notification as you normally would.
      • Approved the login request after verifying it is correct.

You should now be connected.

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