Service Catalog

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Use services within this category to submit tickets for things that are broken and require IT Services to fix them.

Password resets, locked accounts, & new/updated account requests. This includes myCI, Windows, and group share access.

Support for course design, CI Learn (Canvas), Zoom, Sharestream, CI Keys, and other instructional technologies.

Support with computers/laptops, IT accessories, AV equipment, monitors, projectors, televisions, digital signage equipment, printers & copiers, tablets, iPads, hot spots, and loaner laptops.


Landline telephone and voicemail service

Get help with campus software and applications.

CI's network, WiFi, VPN and more

This category offers IT services and support with employee and student email, and employee calendaring.

Start here to purchase standard & custom hardware & software, learn about ITS Project Management, submit an ITS project request or request for change (ITS only), and learn how students can purchase software,

Request website content updates and upgrades, accessibility assistance, search engine optimization, and more.

Authentication, virus protection, encryption, data security, identity management solutions, information risk management, emergency preparedness, audit and monitoring systems, privacy impact assessments; data access and stewardship.