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View important resources and request services that will assist Faculty, Staff, and Students with instruction, work, and learning during the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020.

Accounts and Access

Password resets, locked accounts, & new/updated account requests. This includes myCI, Windows, and group share access.

Teaching & Learning Support

Support for course design, CI Learn (Canvas), Zoom, Sharestream, CI Keys, and other instructional technologies.

Computers, Hardware, Software, Printer, & Digital Signage

Get help or request a new computer, printer, digital signage, or software, or get help with a smart classroom.

Telephone & Voicemail

Landline telephone and voicemail service

Network and connectivity

CI's network, WiFi, VPN and more

Email, Calendars & Collaboration

E-mail, calendaring, file sharing, and video/web conferencing

IT Professional Services

Consulting/advisory services, business process analysis, IT training, business continuity/disaster recovery, enterprise architecture, portfolio/project management, IT service management.

Web Services

Request website content updates and upgrades, accessibility assistance, and more.

Information Security

Authentication, virus protection, encryption, data security, identity management solutions, information risk management, emergency preparedness, audit and monitoring systems, privacy impact assessments; data access and stewardship.

Other Divisions and Departments

Services offered by other campus divisions and departments

Campus Administration Applications

Peoplesoft, CI Records, CI Personnel, CI Financials, CFS, CI File Flow & other campus computer management systems (CMS). Report issues, gain access, get help, request reports.

Other Services

Services not categorized elsewhere

Provide Feedback

Were you unable to find what you were looking for? Please let us know.

Services for Guests

Guests/Visitors, Vendors, and campus affiliates without myCI access may use these services to request help with something and/or request access to myCI.

Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness

Use this service to request data from the Institutional Research,Planning, and Effectiveness Office (IRPE).

Services (1)

Webpage Updates

Request support with updating a webpage's content.