Connecting to CI on Android 11 Devices

Newer Android devices running Android 11 may require users to install a CA certificate and input a domain name to connect to WPA2-Enterprise networks, such as the CI WiFi network. The following steps can be used to install the certificate on Android devices and connect to the CI network.

  1. Download the CA certificate Staff/Faculty (myCI login required), Students (myCI login required). Alternatively, connect to the CI_GUEST network and tap the link to download the CA certificate when prompted to accept the terms and conditions (boxed in red in the screenshot below).

  2. Open the Settings app on the Android device, then open WiFi settings > Advanced WiFi Settings

  3. Tap Install certificates, then navigate to your Downloads folder and select the certificate.

  4. When prompted for the certificate's password, input Dolphin20.

  5. When prompted for the certificate's use, select WiFi.

  6. Open your device's WiFi menu, then select the CI network. Input the following settings
    Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
    CA certificate: Select the CA certificate which you have installed
    Identity: Your myCI username

  7. Tap Connect to connect to the CI WiFi network.
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