go.csuci.edu Short URL service FAQ

What is go.csuci.edu?

Go.csuci.edu creates a URL shortcut for a long URL.

So instead of:


You might create a shortcut to that address at:


Why should I use go.csuci.edu?

Make it easier for your visitors. It’s clumsy to retype a long URL from a print ad into a web browser.

Make it easier for you. Have you ever made a typo in an email or print document and wished you could change it? Long URLs in print are clumsy to maintain. Now you can with go.csuci.edu.

Keep your URLs forever. Shortcuts created in the go.csuci.edu service will never disappear.

Change the shortcut destination. If your web site ever moves to a new location, you can edit the destination URL of any go.csuci.edu shortcut, ensuring a seamless experience for your visitors.

Where can I use my go.csuci.edu shortcut?

You can use this short address on:

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Advertisements
  • Email
  • Other printed publications

How many go.csuci.edu shortcuts can I create?

It depends. All academic and administrative programs are eligible for one go.csuci.edu URL for their department, program or organization.

Additional go.csuci.edu URLs may be made available at the discretion of the Web Services team.

Guidelines for using go.csuci.edu

All go.csuci.edu shortcut URLs should:

  • link to a web site on the CI.edu domain – links to external domains are prohibited; exceptions may apply
  • link to relatively permanent web sites– if the web site won’t be around for 18 months, it probably doesn’t qualify
  • typically point to the home page for a department or organization
  • typically point to a directory (folder), not to specific pages
  • be short but meaningful: “careers” is good; “fifthtechnologysymposium” is not; acronyms may be acceptable
  • only point web pages; non-HTML files (PDF, Word documents, Excel, etc) are prohibited as go.csuci.edu destinations
  • not contain special characters - no *, $, #, underscores, or other special characters. If required, a dash ( - ) may be used.

All go.csuci.edu URLs will be reviewed and approved by Web Services team prior to launch.

How do I access the service? 

Visit the go.csuci.edu Short URL service page

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