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The following changes were added to myCI on August 3, 2018. 

Pinned Services

Save your favorite or most frequently used services in the "Pinned Services" section. Learn more about pinned services

Animation showing how to add and remove pinned services using the "Edit Pinned" button, which changes to Done Pinning while you are editing.


You can now search for myCI services by name or purpose using the new Search bar. The search results will show matches to myCI services in both "Pinned Services" and "All Services" lists. You can also pin your search results. 

Screenshot of search function; typing in the Search field returns autocomplete results, and then displays search results on page

Visual changes

The layout at top-of-page has been streamlined. The "Account" menu has been moved to the top of page. You can click the "MyCI" link at the top of the page to return to the myCI landing page at any time. 

Screenshot of new myCI layout

"My Apps" section and "Account" menu

The services previously available in the "My Apps" section have moved to the "Account" menu, including:

  • Message Center (previously called "Important Information")
  • Emergency Alert Settings
  • Student Directory Opt-out (for students only) 
  • Edit my Faculty Biography (for faculty only) 

Screenshot of Account menu, shown as "Hi, NAME"

Administrative changes

  1. Each service information page will now live within myCI and have its own unique URL.  
  2. Important Information section has been renamed "Message Center" and is now located in the Account menu
  3. "Switch to myCI Classic" menu option and "New Layout" toggle button are being retired and will no longer be available.

Follow our myCI Announcements

Please visit the ITS News site for the latest news & announcements about myCI enhancements. 

Learn more about myCI

Take a look at the introduction to myCI and prior myCI release notes in the Solution Center knowledgebase.


Please contact the ITS Solution Center or call 805-437-8552 to report any issues or problems with myCI. 


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