Access for non-employees and persons of interest (POI) to University systems


Campus divisions, departments and units occasionally need to provide employee-like access to myCI, email, printing and other services to visiting vendors, researchers, visitors and other campus non-employee/non-student affiliates and persons of interest (POI).   


CSUCI provides a means of enabling non-employees to have access enterprise campus systems (such as myCI, email, printing and more) through a non-employee affiliation process. 


  1. Visit the Human Resources Forms page to download the Non-Employee Access Form (in PDF format). One form should be completed per individual request. 
  2. Fill out the form. You will need to obtain contact information from the person needing access, as well as signature of manager of the sponsoring department and the Vice President of the sponsoring Division. 
    1. If access to CI Records, CI Personnel or CI Financials will be required, a separate CMS Access and Compliance Form will need to be completed, signed and submitted for each user. Visit the Human Resources Forms to access the CMS Access and Compliance Form. 
  3. Return the signed form to Human Resources as instructed by the form. 
  4. Human Resources will then create a new user and affiliation for each form in the CI Personnel human resources management system. 
  5. Once Human Resources has provisioned the user and affiliation, access shall be granted by Information Technology Services based on the approved services listed on the form. 

For additional information, check these categories in the Knowledge Base (KB):

For additional information of guest/visitor access, please visit the Services for Guests KB category and the Services for Guests service category

Still Need assistance? 

Contact Human Resources at or call 805-437-8490

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