Trouble Accessing LinkedIn Learning from myCI


You are having problems accessing LinkedIn Learning through myCI. When you click on the LinkedIn Learning link, you are prompted with a second login window requesting your LinkedIn email address and LinkedIn password (see screenshot below)

Screenshot of LinkedIn "You're Almost Done" login page



This issue occurs if you have a LinkedIn profile that is associated with a non-CSUCI email address (gmail, yahoo, or some other .edu, for example).

To resolve this issue please submit a Solution Center support request indicating “Trouble accessing LinkedIn Learning”

Information Technology Services will then update your LinkedIn Learning profile to disassociate your access to myCI LinkedIn from your non-CSUCI LinkedIn profile. 

IMPORTANT: to complete the resolution of this issue, you must re-activate your account. You will receive an email from an email address ending in "" to your CSUCI email account that looks something like the image below.  It is safe to accept this message.  Please click “Activate account now” and go through the remaining login steps, being sure to select “Do not link” LinkedIn account when prompted.

Screenshot of LinkedIn email. Reads "Hi, as a friendly reminder, the activation key provided by your organization"

Once complete, you will be able to click on the LinkedIn Learning option in myCI without having to  provide additional authentication to LinkedIn.


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