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About myCI 2.0 - released 3/25/2010

What is myCI, and what does it do?

myCI is a single point of access for major campus applications, including CI Learn, CI Records (formerly PeopleSoft HRSA), Dolphin Email, Library Resources and Services, and other services.

Users of myCI will be able to:

  • use a single user name + password to access CI Learn, CI Records, CI Financials, Dolphin E-mail, Library Resources and Services, and Student Ratings of Teaching.
  • Obtain their password automatically (in case it is forgotten)

When did myCI 2.0 go live?

myCI for students went live on Tuesday, August 11, 2009. Version 2 of myCI, which extends access to employees went live on Thursday, March 25th, 2010. 

Who does myCI impact, and how?

1. Students, Faculty and Staff.

Students and employee can use myCI to access key applications and services from a single point-of-access using their Dolphin Name and Password.

Starting March 26th, 2010 the following changes apply to students:

  1. All students, faculty ad staff must go to myCI to logon to CI Learn, CI Records, Dolphin Email, and Dolphin Files.
  2. Single sign-on access to Library Resources and Services will now be managed through myCI.
  3. All students, faculty and staff will be able to access myCI using their current Dolphin Name and Password.
  4. All incoming/new students, will no longer receive a password in their acceptance letter; instead they will receive a URL to a web page where they can activate their Dolphin Account.
  5. All incoming/new students must activate their Dolphin Account through self-service web page before they can begin to use myCI and any systems accessed through myCI (such as CI Learn, CI Records, Dolphin Email, and Dolphin Files). The activation page will require students to answer a set of security questions to enable their access.
  6. Both incoming/new and current students will be able to recover their forgotten or lost Dolphin Password from the myCI logon page using the “Forgot Password?” link.

Some existing system names have changed. What are the changes?

As of August 11, 2009, all University documentation should be updated to reflect the following system name changes:

  • CI Learn” is the new name for Blackboard Learn.
  • CI Records” is the new name for service provided by both the CMS/Peoplesoft Campus Solutions and the CMS/Peoplesoft Human Capital Management systems-of-record.
  • CI Financials” is the new name for the service provided by the CMS/Peoplesoft Finance system-of-record.

Please discontinue use of the old system names in written communications.

How will I get to myCI on March 26, 2010?

You will be able to get to it directly at, or by clicking on the "myCI" button on the University home page. Please note that while myCI will remain active before the March 26 upgrade, the new services will not be available until March 26.

What happened to “myCI”?

The services provided by the old “myCI” link are now being provided by CI Records, which can be accessed through myCI.

On August 11, 2009, the old myCI button on the CSUCI home page was replaced with a new “myCI” button, which enables login to multiple services via single-sign-on (SSO), including CI Records.

How does myCI impact CI Records (formerly CMS/Peoplesoft Campus Solutions and Human Capital Management)?

“CI Records” is the official name for service provided by both the CMS/Peoplesoft Campus Solutions and the CMS/Peoplesoft Human Capital Management systems-of-record and the services provided by these systems. Students use CI Records to add/drop classes, view grades, and pay fees.

Effective 3/26/2010, all students, faculty and staff must logon to CI Records through myCI.

How does myCI impact CI Learn ?

“CI Learn” is the official name for the campus learning management system.

Effective 3/26/10, all students, faculty and staff must logon to CI Learn through myCI.

How does myCI impact Dolphin Email and webmail for employees?

“Dolphin Email” is the web-based email system for CI students. Faculty and staff can also access their University email via a Web interface.

Effective 3/26/2010, all employees must access their University webmail through myCI. Further, students must continue to logon to Dolphin Email through myCI.

How does myCI work? What other functionality is available in myCI?

myCI is made up of separate modules; each module contains specific content and functionality. A full written description of each module is available on the myCI Module Definitions page.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact the ITS Solution Center

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