Eligible hires are virtually administered select hire documents that establish employment eligibility and compliance with CSU, state, and federal employment guidelines.  

Prerequisites: I-9 Employment Eligibility and Identity documents; proof of legal name; complete applicable fields on the select hire documents. 


Select "Submit HR Ticket" and an HR representative will schedule you to review the onboarding paperwork. Be sure to check the requirements prior to starting completion of the new hire documents. DO NOT ATTACH SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER to this service ticket. 


The following forms are located under the Attachments section in the lower right corner of this service page.

  • Personal Data Form 
  • Form I-9 
  • Pre-Designation of Personal Physician 
  • Confidentiality Security Statement 
  • Oath of Allegiance 
  • Visual/Audio Image Release Form (electronic) 
  • Notice Regarding Non-payment to Social Security 
  • Self-Identification Form 
  • Veteran Status Self ID Form 
  • Disability Self ID Form 
  • CalPERS Reciprocity Form 
  • Employment Application (only if you did not apply online) 
  • Affordable Care Act Notification Checklist 
  • Employee Action Request Form 


Social Security Administration - Must present original, non-laminated Social Security card as it satisfies California State payroll requirements. If the original card is lost, a replacement card can be requested. 

Employment Eligibility I-9 Requirements - View list of acceptable I-9 Employment Eligibility and Identity documents. 

Related Documents: New Employee Checklist 

DO NOT ATTACH Social Security Number to this service ticket. 

Use the "Submit HR Ticket" button to begin your request.  

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