Benefits Orientation


Be sure to review the eligibility (MS Word, 22KB) page or the benefits orientation presentation (PDF, 209KB), in order to determine whether your appointment qualifies you for benefits. This page will also provide information about enrolling eligible family members.

Dates & Deadlines 

Review the effective dates & deadline page of the powerpoint to take the confusion out of all the dates that matter to you concerning your benefits. Dates and deadlines are very important when it comes to benefits, so use this page as a handy tool for all your deadlines questions.

Ensuring that employees benefits are enrolled correctly and timely are very important to the Benefits Office. Review the health plan information page for the most important information regarding your benefits options, rates, summaries, and more.

Sign Up to Attend Benefits Orientation

The Benefits Office conducts bi-weekly orientations for new staff employees. Benefits orientations specific to faculty are also scheduled at the beginning of each semester.

Click  "Submit HR Ticket" to speak with a benefits representative to schedule your Benefits Orientation.

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