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CHRS Recruiting is a system for end-to-end recruitment processing and onboarding. On this page you will find helpful resources such as guides, how-to’s, and contact information for additional support.

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To view and apply for jobs posted prior to July 21, 2021, please visit:

Security Access: All CSUCI employees are assigned to one baseline security role and have the ability to serve as a search committee member and/or chairs in CHRS Recruiting. A ticket should be submitted if additional access is needed to perform additional recruitment activities.

Pre-Recruitment Work: Hiring Department Responsibilities

  • Establish the need for the recruitment.
  • Identify position number to be used.
    • Any modifications to a position number should be completed with a Position Management Action Form (PMAF) For any questions or concerns relating to a position number, please contact 
    • CHRS recruiting is part of a CSU systemwide recruiting system, which will give us access to other campuses’ position numbers. It is important that when working in this new system, that you are using correct and up to date information.
    • Identify position number to be used.
  • Create or make modifications to a Position Description. 
    • Position Description will need to be reviewed and approved before a job requisition (card) can be routed for approvals. 
    • Process: 
      • Draft Position Description
      • Submit a service ticket to have Human Resources review PD. The draft PD will need to be attached to ticket. 
      • Recommendations will be made by HR or PD will be approved as is. 
      • Once approved by HR, the PD will need to be routed for Supervisor and President's Designee signatures. This can be done through Adobe Sign.
  • Identify any supplemental questions to be included in the application process. All questions must be vetted through the Recruiter. 


Contact Us

For assistance regarding the employment application or website, please contact:

Faculty Employment: Academic Personnel at (805) 437-8455 (8-5 M-F PST) or email .

Staff Employment: Human Resources (805) 437-8490 (8-5 M-F PST) or submit service catalog ticket.

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