Self Registration into Duo Two-Factor Authentication


This article will take you though the process of self-enrolling into Duo two-factor authentication.


Watch this video tutorial on how to self-enroll into Duo Two-Factor Authentication.


Instructions to self-enroll into Duo two-factor authentication for myCI. 

Click Start setup to begin the enrollment process.

Select Mobile phone as the device you are registering to use for two-factor authentication the click Continue.  

Enter your telephone number formatted as shown in the example and click Continue.

Click the checkbox to after verifying the number you entered is correct and click Continue.

Choose the type of phone you are adding and click Continue.

If you haven’t already downloaded and installed the Duo Mobile App, please do so now for the mobile device you are registering (Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store).

* Links to these app stores may be found in here

Once you have the Duo Mobile App installed, click I have Duo Mobile to continue.

Follow the instructions to activate your Duo Mobile account and to synchronize your account with your device.

When device registration has completed you will see the following screen. 

Click Continue

You will be taken to the Duo My Settings and Devices screen where you should specify:

  1. Your default authentication device (the device you just registered)
  2. Your authentication method.  Choose “Ask me to choose an authentication method” or will not be able to have Duo remember you for 1 day and will have to authenticate each time you log in to myCI.

Click Continue to Log in

You have now successfully enrolled into Duo with your mobile device and my begin authenticating when you log in to myCI.

PLEASE NOTE:  You should select the “Remember me for 1 day” checkbox if you don’t want to authentication each time you log in to myCI in a day.


For additional information, check these categories in the Knowledge Base:

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Still Need assistance? 

If you need further assistance, submit a support ticket or call the ITS Help Desk at (805) 437-8552.

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