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What is a Duo Key Fob or Hardware Token?
Process to self-register into Duo two-factor authentication.
What types of devices work with duo 2-Factor-Authentication?
Information about Duo and Two-Factor Authentication
I don't have a cellular data plan on my phone or tablet. How can I complete Duo two-factor authentication?
Can I set it up so my computer remembers my login information or will I always need to go through the two-fact-authentication process to be protected?
Find solutions if you're having issues enrolling in or registering devices to Duo two-factor authentication.
How do I use two-factor authentication (2FA) if my device cannot connect to the internet? (Air travel, as an example.)
I’m going to be traveling abroad. How is this going to impact my Duo access?
What should I do if I get a login notification from Duo and I haven't just tried to log in?