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How do I use Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 (CC19) on a lab or classroom computer? 


  1. From a lab or classroom computer, launch one of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop applications.  Let’s use Photoshop as an example.

  2. Once you start the application, you’ll see a splash screen


  3. Then you’ll see the Adobe login page.  For user name, students should enter their Dolphin Email address login (ending in  Once you move your cursor to the password field, it will take you to login through myCI.


  1. Login to myCI with your Dolphin Name and password.


  1. Now you are logged into Adobe and you can start using Adobe Photoshop. 

How can I install CC19 on my personally-owned home computer? 

Students can purchase a yearly subscription to Adobe CC19 using the CSUCI OnTheHub web store (powered by Kivuto). Once you complete your purchase through Kivuto, you will be provided a link and instructions on how to download and install CC19.


Who can I contact if I need assistance?

Please contact the Solution Center


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