About Duo and Two-Factor Authentication

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is the process in which a user accesses a computer system or software application using two forms of authentication to login. The forms of authentication are often described as using, “something you know”, “something you have” and “something you are”. One factor is typically logging into a system with a username and password (something you know). The second factor can be the use of a cell phone app or hardware token (something you have) or, in some cases, the use of a fingerprint or retinal scan (something you are). Without at least two forms of verification, the login will fail.

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What is Duo Security?

Duo Security has been selected as the two-factor authentication product for CI. Duo protects more than 8,000 customers and manages more than six million authentication events per day.

Why does CI need 2FA?

Attacks on CI data are becoming more sophisticated every day. Using Duo for 2FA will provide an additional layer of protection to safeguard your CI identity. As identified in the Information Security 2012 audit, a finding was identified along with the recommendation for additional security and access to systems.

What does 2FA and Duo mean for me?

Information Technology Services (ITS) staff will assist you in registering with Duo. The registration takes only a few minutes and can be done in-person or over the phone. You'll need a token/fob (provided by ITS) or a smartphone. After Duo is set up, you'll use the token/fob or smartphone to log-in to the protected service. The initial implementation of Duo at CSUCI is designed to protect access to myCI and myCI-connected system. Additional systems will be included to require Duo authentication as recommended by Information Security.

If I install Duo on my personal phone, does that give the University access to or use of my phone?

No. Duo Mobile does not have any more access to your phone than any other mobile app, and it cannot read your e-mail, track your location, or see your browser history. Duo Mobile also cannot remotely delete anything from your phone. During the installation of the Duo Mobile app, you will need to grant the app permission to send push notifications to your phone.

How do I register with Duo?

Submit a Solution Center ticket or call (805) 437-8552 to open a request.

View instructions to install the Duo Push Mobile App for CSUCI.


View the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) regarding Duo at CSUCI.  

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