What should I do if I get a login notification from Duo and I haven't just tried to login?

Anytime you receive a verification request on your phone that you didn't initiate, click on the red "Deny" button.   

Duo will give you two options, "It seems fraudulent" and "It was a mistake." Confirm that denying the login was not a mistake by selecting the "It seems fraudulent" option.  You should then immediately change your myCI password using the password change utility at myci.csuci.edu.


Notify the ITS Helpdesk

You should also notify the CSUCI ITS HelpDesk at 805-437-8552 or send an email to SolutionCenter@csuci.edu to report the uninitiated login request. This allows the CSUCI ITS information security team to monitor any suspicious activity happening through your account.


Need more help?

Submit a service request with the ITS Helpdesk for assistance with Duo.

Contact the ITS Information Security team at infosec@csuci.edu.

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