Report a spam or phishing email

Phishing scams are attempts by hackers and cybercriminals to steal personal information or hijack computing resources for nefarious purposes. The most common (and most successful) phishing scams are emails that appear to come from a legitimate source (for instance; "CSUCI Solution Center", your bank, eBay, PayPal) which contain a link that directs you to  equally legitimate-looking web pages. These emails almost always ask you to verify some detail about your account by going to this legitimate-looking web page and entering your account credentials or other personally-identifiable information.

CSU Channel Islands, nor any financial institution, will request this kind of information by email, because it's known to be an insecure way to share confidential information. 

No bank or other financial institution, nor CSU Channel Islands, will request this kind of information by email, because they know that it's an insecure way to share confidential information. These emails and websites are simply fronts for stealing your identity or using your computer's processing power to send spam.

To report a spam or phishing email, you can either click on "Request Service" button to the right, or you can forward the spam email to and

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