Printing and Copying FAQ

How much does it cost to print or copy?

  • Black & White printing is $0.05 per side
  • Color printing is $0.30 per side

Will it cost me to scan my document and be sent to my email?

  • No, you can scan your document and send it to your email – simply by selecting Email, entering your email, and selecting send on the print release stations.

Why can I not print my document in color?

How long will my print job stay in the print queue?

  • If your print job is not printed within a 2 hour period, it will automatically be deleted from the print queue.

What is the difference between Print and Print All at the print release stations?

  • Print releases the selected job and Print All releases all jobs in your print queue.

How do I print from my mobile phone, tablet or laptop?

Where do I buy a CI Guest card for printing and copying?

  • CI Guest cards are available for purchase at any of these DOCK Stations:
    • Broome Library 1350
    • Town Center Market

Where can I add funds or check my balance for my printing and copying account?

  • Students and employees can visit any of the DOCK Station locations or via DOCK Online through your myCI account. Guests will need to visit a DOCK Stations to view or add funds.

Who can I contact if I need further assistance with printing or copying?

I need help with my DolphinOne Card

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