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The Information Technology Services (ITS) Project Management team works on small and large information technology projects for campus organizations and individuals. 

What is a Project? 

A project is a temporary, organized effort to complete a set of work to deliver a new product or service. Projects must have a defined start and end date. This is in contrast to operations, which are ongoing, repetitive, day-to-day work which yields the same outcomes, product or service. Operations have no start and end date. 

Here's a useful analogy: building a new home is a project. In contrast, keeping a newly built home clean is operations. 

How do I submit an IT project request? 

To begin, click the button on this page titled "Request Service" and complete the form in its entirety. Your Division Project Coordinator will be notified of your request.

Please note that if you are requesting a project to support the implementation of a new software or your project requires procurement of new IT software, equipment or services, it is a best practice to submit a procurement request first. Visit the IT Procurement service for information on how to submit a procurement request.

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