IT Projects & Purchases

Start here to purchase standard & custom hardware & software, learn about ITS Project Management, submit an ITS project request or request for change (ITS only), and learn how students can purchase software,

Services (10)

Request a Quote for IT Hardware or Software

ITS provides quotes for computer hardware and software

Purchase CUSTOM (non-standard) IT Hardware, Software, or Services for CSUCI Business/Education Purposes

Purchase non-standard (custom) IT equipment, hardware, software and services

Purchase Software for Personal Use

Students, faculty and staff can obtain substantially discounted (or free) software licenses for personal use.

Submit an IT Project Request

Use this service to submit an IT Project Request.

Support with IT Project Management

Request other assistance related to IT project management.

View status of active projects

Learn how to view status of active projects that have been approved, scheduled and staffed.

View status of project requests

Learn how to view the status of your project request.

Request Assistance with Selecting and/or Implementing a New Application

Includes support of any system or application that CSUCI has not yet purchases and/or implemented.

Submit a Request for Change (RFC)

Internal ITS process to submit requests for change (RFCs) for ITS approval