Pharos Copier & Printer Support


The Department of IT Services supports the Pharos printing service and Pharos printers on campus and can assist with troubleshooting issues with Pharos devices, troubleshooting Pharos access, and providing staff, faculty, and student employees access to Pharos Cost Centers.

Getting Help

  1. Click "Request Pharos Device Support" to request hardware assistance with a Pharos printer/copier.
  2. Click "Request Pharos Access" to request assistance with Pharos access or request provisioning of cost centers.
  3. Click "Request Pharos Refund" to request a refund of funds used for Pharos printing.
Request Pharos Device Support Request Pharos Access Request Pharos Refund


Service ID: 51401
Mon 1/3/22 8:30 AM
Wed 2/2/22 4:03 PM

Service Offerings (3)

Request Pharos Device Support
Request assistance with Pharos MFP devices
Request Pharos Access
Request addition or removal of cost center from Pharos Account.
Pharos Refund
Use this service offering to request a refund of personal Pharos funds.