Request Assistance with Selecting and/or Implementing a New Application


Departments might need a specific software application for their department to perform functions within their job descriptions. To add a software application to be used specifically by the department, the Information Technology Services (ITS) Infrastructure team can create a virtual machine (VM) within our virtual server environment and install these applications for department use.

Available to

All CSUCI divisions/departments and employees requiring a department application necessary to perform any functions within their areas.


The benefits are that we can utilize our VM environment to create and bring online an application that a department might need to perform their departments tasks. This will cut down on costs of having to purchase a department’s own hardware to house the application.


Creation of a department-specific application service and installation of software on that server is considered an IT project and is subject to review, prioritization, and scheduling in accordance with the ITS Business Practice on IT Project and Procurement Governance

Getting Started

Select Request Service to request an IT project to install and configure a virtual machine and install/configure software.  This will initiate a project request with ITS.


Request Service


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