CI Business Phone Service


Infrastructure Services in  CSUCI Information Technology Services (ITS) provides Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone service to employees and University organizations using Cisco phones.

To request the physical move of a Cisco phone, please use the Phone Move Service to submit your request.

Available To

Staff, Faculty, and Campus Organizations


Here is a sampling of fees:
Cisco IP Phone (new) $400.00
Cisco IP Phone (replace existing) $400.00
Cisco IP Conference Phone $800.00
Voicemail $40.00
Additional Phone Number $17.00 monthly

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Requesting Help

  1. Click the "Request New Phone/Service" to purchase a new Cisco phone or phone service such as additional extensions or voicemail service.
  2. Click the "Request Update to Phone/Service" to request updates to pre-existing phones and service, such as  updating names on extensions or adding lines to phones.
  3. Click the "Submit Miscellaneous Telecom Ticket" to request other assistance with VoIP telephone service, including requests for general billing information.
Request New Phone/Service Request Update to Phone/Service Submit Miscellaneous Telecom Ticket


Service ID: 51378
Thu 12/16/21 3:24 PM
Fri 8/25/23 8:10 AM

Service Offerings (3)

Request New Phone/Service
Voice-over-IP (VOIP) phone service provides CI faculty, staff, student employees and University organizations with internal, local and long-distance telephone service as well as voicemail service.
Request Update to Phone/Service
Use this service offering to request changes to an existing phone.
Miscellaneous Telecom Ticket
Submit a general ticket regarding campus phone service.