My Recently Visited Services

ITS provides quotes for computer hardware and software

Request assistance with campus phones, purchase new phones, or purchase new phone service.

Get help with Adobe Sign and electronic signatures

Request installation/activation, moves, or disconnection of a new wired network connection, and report a problem or request repair for an existing wired network connection.

Submit a request to get help with configuring and/or troubleshooting software or applications on workstations, lab computers, classroom computers (both Windows and Macintosh), and/or other devices.

Use this service to request assistance with granting one or more guests with permissions to myCI and other CSUCI systems. Please submit requests at least 5 days in advance of a scheduled visit to campus.

Report issue with student email

Use this service to request assistance with Dolphin Email

Wireless networking allows CI faculty, staff, students, and sponsored visitors to access resources securely from various locations in the campus.

Request help with creating a new web form or survey using Qualtrics

Get help if you are having problems logging into a campus computer/device or having problems accessing myCI because of Duo or other reasons.

Request support with computer hardware and/or IT accessories.

Get help with remote phone services such as Cisco Jabber and phone forwarding.

Use this service to request assistance with optimizing CSUCI webpages in the CSUCI web search results.

Report a fraudulent email, spam, or phishing scam.

Request a new web-based form, database and/or workflow system

Use this service to submit an IT Project Request.

Get help with goCI, CSUCI's official mobile app for iOS, Android and

Request help from the Teaching & Learning Innovations team

Faculty, Staff, and University organizations can get help with keeping their Web content up to date and accessible as well as request Web training or the creation of short URLs.

Request assistance with Faculty or Staff accounts, such as updating access to groupshares or requesting FIM/MIM updates.

Report a problem with classroom technology. For example computer is not connected to the projector, or projector is not working. Instructor computer, mouse, monitor, sound, and/or classroom's computer software, etc. are not working.

Report a problem with computer lab workstation(s).