Report an Issue

Use services within this category to submit tickets for things that are broken and require IT Services to fix them.

Services (15)

Account Access Issue

Use this service if you are unable to log into myCI or a campus computer/device and it is very important that you have access as soon as possible.


Report issue with Faculty, Staff, or Dept/Group Calendars

Classroom Technology

Report a problem with classroom technology. For example computer is not connected to the projector, or projector is not working. Instructor computer, mouse, monitor, sound, and/or classroom's computer software, etc. are not working.

Computer Hardware & IT Accessories

Report issue with computer hardware and/or IT accessories, This includes computers, projectors, desktop printers, Pharos copier/printer/scanner, projectors, monitors, peripherals, and all other University owned IT hardware.

Computer Lab Equipment or Workstation(s)

Report a problem with computer lab workstation(s).

Conference Room Technology

Report a problem or request assistance with conference room technology.

Digital Signage

Use this service to report problems with digital signage. For example TV will not turn on or screen is frozen.

Dolphin Email (student email)

Report issue with student email

Issue/Problem with Webpage

Use this service to report an issue with an existing webpage. This may include broken links, typos, and/or accessibility issues.

Outlook/Exchange Email

Report a problem or issue with your campus faculty/staff Exchange email, including Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Report a spam or phishing email

Report a fraudulent email, spam, or phishing scam.

Report an information security issue or concern

Report information security questions or issues such as receipt of phishing emails or requests for malware scans.

Report Issue with Network Access

Report issue/problem with Wifi and wired connections.

Report Issue with Phone Service

Report a problem with, or request repair of, an existing phone or service such as voicemail unlocks, phones failing to power on, or loss of service.

Report Issue with Software and Applications

Report issue or problem with any University owned software or application. This includes but is not limited to CI Learn, CI Personnel, CI Financials, CI Records, goCI, MS Office 365, or Zoom.