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Add Another User to a Course

Faculty, use this service to add another user to a course.

Add new service to myCI

Request a new service button and icon in myCI


Blended Learning Preparation Program (BLPP)

Faculty information about BLPP


CI Universal

A two part service to assist with making content accessible for all students and faculty.

Club and organization web sites

Learn about club and organization web sites

CMS / PeopleSoft Account Access Support

Get help with Common Management System (CMS)

CMS/PeopleSoft Support

Get help with Common Management System (CMS)

CMS/PeopleSoft Support

Get help with Common Management System (CMS)

Complete a digital signage site survey (Step 1 of 2)

Complete step 1 to plan for installation of a TV screen & corresponding equipment to get connected to CSUCI's digital signage system

Corporate Games Registration 2020

Use this service to sign up and participate in the 2020 Corporate Games.

Course Merge Request

Faculty, use this service to request the merging of two or more courses within CI Learn

Course Review

Faculty information on Course Review Process

Create New Security Group (FIM)

Manage Active Directory security and distribution groups.

Create web forms and surveys using Qualtrics

Create a new web form or survey using Qualtrics


Division of Academic Affairs Data Analytics (DAADA) Request

This service is offered to members of the Division of Academic Affairs. For data requests in other divisions, please contact the appropriate Institutional Research Analyst by visiting the following website-

Dropbox@CI Access for Student Assistants

Use this service to request a Dropbox account for a student assistant. If access to Dropbox@CI team folders is required then the student(s) must be enrolled in Duo 2-factor authentication.


echoCI Web Content Management training

We provide tools and training to help faculty, staff and University organizations create, manage and maintain web content.

Efficiency project request

Request help from BFA in improving the efficiency of a process in your area


Faculty and staff web sites

Learn about personal faculty and staff web sites

Find my Dolphin Name or Dolphin ID Number

Use this self-service option to retrieve your Dolphin Name or Dolphin ID Number


General Support

Use this service to request support with CI Learn.

Get help with a wired connection

Request installation/activation, moves, or disconnection of a new wired network connection, and report a problem or request repair for an existing wired network connection.

Get help with Dropbox@CI

Dropbox@CI is a document storage and collaboration system, powered by Dropbox for Business.

Get Help with Teaching & Learning Technologies

Request help from the Teaching & Learning Innovations team

Get Help with TeamDynamix

Visit this service to get answers to your TeamDynamix questions.

Get help with the goCI mobile app

Get help with goCI, CSUCI's official mobile app for iOS, Android and

Get help with web accessibility

Web Services provide tools and training to help faculty, staff and University organizations build and maintain Section 508 and WCAG-compliant web sites. Short URL Service

Create & manage shortcut URLs to University web sites using the domain

GOVMotus CalFire Email address

Request a new GOVMotus/Cal Fire email address, or update access to an existing GovMotus/Cal Fire email


Help for campus guests, vendors and affiliates with things that are unlisted

Guests who do not have a myCI login account should use this service to make a service request.

Help installing or configuring software

Get help with installing or configuring standard software, like Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and more.

Help with a computer lab workstation

Report a problem with, or get assistance with, a lab workstation.

Help with a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone

Get help with problems with supported campus computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Help with Faculty and Staff Accounts

Get help with Faculty and Staff myCI and email accounts.

Help with something that isn't listed / other services

Students, Faculty, Staff, and Guests may use this service to get help with a problem, issue, or service that isn't listed.

Help with spam filtering

Spam filtering is used to detect unsolicited and unwanted email and prevent that email from being delivered to a user’ mailbox.

Help with wireless network access

Wireless networking allows CI faculty, staff, students, and sponsored visitors to access resources securely from various locations in the campus.


I forgot my password

Get password assistance with your Dolphin/MyCI account


Use this request form to ask questions and/or report issues.


Make a web site suggestion

Submit a suggestion to improve a web site

My myCI account is locked, please unlock it

Get help with unlocking your Dolphin/myCI account


Online and Blended Learning

Use this service to access information about online and blended teaching resources.

Online Teaching Preparation Program (OTPP)

Faculty information about OTPP

Order a New Phone

Voice-over-IP (VOIP) phone service provides CI faculty, staff, student employees and University organizations with internal, local and long-distance telephone service.

Order Voicemail Service

Provide and support voicemail boxes associated with CSUCI Campus extensions.


Personal software purchases for students, faculty and staff

Students, faculty and staff can obtain substantially discounted (or free) software licenses for personal use.

Purchase & install digital signage (Step 2 of 2)

Step 2 of 2 of the digital signage process facilitates purchase and installation of the equipment

Purchase CUSTOM (non-standard) IT hardware, software, equipment or services

Purchase non-standard (custom) IT equipment, hardware, software and services

Purchase STANDARD IT hardware, software, equipment or services

Purchase standard IT equipment, products or services


Qualtrics support request

Get help with Qualtrics



Use this service to request a refund

Report a non-emergency security issue or concern

Report non-emergency information security questions or issues

Report a Problem with Phone Service

Report a problem with, or request repair of, an existing phone or service.

Report a spam or phishing email

Report a fraudulent email, spam, or phishing scam.

Report a web site problem

Report a problem with a web site

Report an emergency information security incident

How to report emergency information security issues

Report an issue or problem with Dolphin Email (student email)

Get help with Dolphin Email

Report an issue or problem with Outlook/Exchange email

Report a problem or issue with your campus faculty/staff Exchange email, including Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Report an issue with classroom equipment

Report a problem or request assistance with smart classroom equipment

Report an issue with conference room technology

Report a problem or request assistance with conference room technology.

Request a group/shared email account

Request a shared email box for a department, group or organization

Request a new department or organization web site

Request a new Docusign form/template

Move an existing form or template into Docusign

Request a new promotion/keymatch for the CSUCI search engine

Get increased visibility for your web page in the CSUCI search results

Request a new web application

Request a new web-based form, database and workflow system

Request a quote for IT hardware or software

ITS provides quotes for computer hardware and software

Request a web search consultation

Request a web search consultation to optimize your CSUCI web search results.

Request an information security assessment

Request a security assessment on a campus server or web application.

Request an IT Project

Use this service to submit an IT Project Request.

Request Assistance with Selecting and/or Implementing a New Application

Includes support of any system or application that CSUCI has not yet purchases and/or implemented.

Request for Help from Enrollment Management

This service is used to submit requests for help to the Enrollment Management Department at CI.

Request Guest Access

Use this service to request assistance with granting one or more guests with permissions to myCI and other CSUCI systems. Please submitted requests at least 5 days in advance of a scheduled visit to campus.

Request help with CI Docs (Google Docs, Google Drive) and other Dolphin Pod services

Get help with the Dolphin Pod suite of collaboration apps, powered by Google GSuite for Education

Request help with CI Fileflow (Perceptive Content/ImageNow)

Report issues and problems with CI Fileflow (Perceptive Content/ImageNow), or request general workstation help with CI Fileflow.

Request Help with Wifi Access

Get help connecting to the campus WiFi network.

Request New Dropbox Team Folder

Use this service to create a new folder to be used by a team via Dropbox

Request Single Sign On (SSO) Enabling for Department Applications

CSUCI Employees looking to reduce the number of different logins and passwords they use to perform their work may use this service to request Single Sign On (SSO) set up for campus applications. This service involves coordination with the vendor, requires Information Security Officer and ITS leadership approval.

Request support for printer

Request support for an issue with a local or Multi-Functional Printer (MFP).

Request Video Project

Use this service to request a video project with the TL&I Team.

Request VPN access

Access group network shares (such as “G Drive”) remotely. Access keyserved campus software remotely

Request web content updates

Request assistance in maintaining the content on your website.

Research computing using Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Request and Amazon Web Services (AWS) account in support of research computing or platform testing.


Service Catalog User Experience Feedback

Use this service to provide feedback regarding your experience using the new service catalog. You may also use this service to request updates and/or enhancements to the service catalog.

ShareStream Video Captioning

Captioning for faculty created videos uploaded to ShareStream

Student web sites

Learn about student web sites

Submit tactics in support of strategic initiatives

PROTOTYPE - Service for strategic initiatives mapping

Support with IT Project Management

Request other assistance related to IT project management.

Support with an Existing Application

Select to request help with an existing administrative application. This includes but is not limited to AdvisorTrack, Acalog, StarRez, CashNet, BadgePass, OneCI 2.0, Kuder Journey, and Blackboard Transact.


Update a submitted project request

Once you’ve submitted a project request, you can no longer update the project details, but you can notify project participants within the Feed.

Update or Make Changes to a Phone

Use this service to request changes to an existing phone.


View status of active projects

Learn how to view status of active projects that have been approved, scheduled and staffed.

View status of project requests

Learn how to view the status of your project request.

View Video Project Samples

View examples of various video projects


YouTube Video Captioning

Captioning for YouTube videos being used in your CI Learn courses.